Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We had a blast! We went to the zoo, botanical gardens. and to a wedding. It was wonderful to see the fam and have them meet Larz finally. Just click on the box below to see some photos! :)


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy fathers day

I framed these two pictures in their own frames with matts. One had a foot print of his and the other had a hand print. I gave them to rob tonight with a card. He is a wonderful father. I am lucky to have him by my side. Happy fathers day Rob!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


My life is still amazing even when it is bed time! Im so lucky to have my boys. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I love feeding Larz because most of the time he just goes crazy! You'd think i was feeding a Parana a live chicken or something. ha. Then after he's done he looks like he just dipped his face in a bowl of milk. His eyes get all droopy and he cant open them really at all. Hes my little milk-aholic.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I know I already emailed alot of you pics from my little day trip to fossil but I thought I would post some anyways. If anyone has never been and you live here in Az, you MUST go!! Its amazing and peaceful and perfect. I love going there and unwinding. Its just north of Strawberry. ITs heaven I tell you, heaven.


I just took these of LArz. I was trying to type and he started laughing out of nowhere. I guess he found my computer posture funny. Hes so sweet and silly.


Man have I been ignoring my dogs the last week! I couldnt help it. I took them to the dog park yesterday. I cant even say those words at home or they will go CRAZY!!! I have to spell it to rob. ha ha. So they had a ball and were so happy. They are so obedient and come whenever I ask them to. WEll, Wrigley does atleast. Jonesy is alittle independent at times. The dog park is 5 minutes from our home and its awesome! They just love it. Jonesy has the green collar on and Wrigley is the one with foam coming from his mouth. ha.

Monday, June 11, 2007


So he finally got home yesterday and it was SO good to see him and hug him! He looked at Larz nd said he looked bigger. I told him about how LArz had been so good while he was gone and he was smiling so much and talking. He started all of that when Rob was gone. We went to the store and Larz was smiling so much and talking away! Rob was talking to him and it was so good to see. I love those boys so much! ITs so nice to have him back home!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


On our way to my friends house we stopped on the side of the road to take pictures of the sunset and the flowers. IT was so lovely!

WE miss Daddy!

Rob has been gone for so long! He comes home tonight and I cant wait to see him. Im sure he missed us like crazy, especially little Larzy. We've had some fun adventures but nothings the same without daddy. ):

First swim!

I took larz swimming the other day. He didnt like it very much. He liked the hat I bought him though! He looks like a little golfer. ha. I got him these lobster shorts from old navy that were really big on him. He did good though.

6 weeks old

Man of the house

I thought I was a remote hog!


Rob and I had a little get together in celebration of Larz. We had our closest friends come and eat and hang out at our home. IT was nice to have everyone in the same place for once!


I always love going to my parents house. My mom knows her stuff about gardening. They got a fountain that is so peaceful and the smell of the flowers is amazing! I took my camera out one time at her house and took these.....

Mothers Day

We had such a nice mothers day! WE spent it with our family and Larz finally met his great grandma! She just loved him to death! I love that woman so much and it was awesome to see them together!

Ryen & Larz

The Hastings came down and met Larz. They just loved him to death! It was very special to see Ryen hold him. She as so good with him. It was interesting for me to have the two of them in the same room. It was very special and healing for me to be a part of. Having Larz made me feel complete, finally. The hastings have been so good to me and it has helped me heal alot faster. I love you!!!


Larz was born April 18th 2007. He weighed 8 pounds 9 oz and I felt every bit of him in there! The pregnancy was very difficult for me and more so for Rob because I was mean mean mean. :) We have loved everyday we've had to spend with little Larz. I cant imagine life without him! He's my little monster.