Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adoption is no vending machine

I heard last night of a blog (which I have yet to find) made by the all american couple wanting a child. They already have one blonde blue eyed child and are wanting to adopt another. Except there is one thing wrong with this story. They want a child so badly and so much that they are treating the process like a damn vending machine. I was told that the blog was basically them asking their friends and family to help them find their perfect child. Which MUST be a "girl" and she cannot be anything but a caucasian girl. Are you kidding me? I personally would never give my daughter to someone like that. And might I add that I have been through the whole adoption process. The couple that is now my daughters family forever couldn't be more selfless and perfect for a child needing to be adopted. First of all when they were chosen by me one reason was because they were so in love that you could see it ooozing off the pages of their profile. They were willing to take anything they could get because they wanted a child so badly and had so much love for that child that you could literally feel it just by looking at their photo. I'm pretty sure they didn't have a race or gender in mind. And what if they wouldn't of known what I was having? Is this family going to get to know a birth mother only if she is having a girl? What if she delivers a boy on accident? What if they finally get that call that there was a baby ready but then they were told it was a black little boy? I am sorry for being so mad but I am. This bothers me. A child is beautiful regardless of there gender/race. And have we as a society gotten so vain that the perfect family is able to be bought like a candy bar? Adoption is so serious. It is so exhausting on both ends. Giving my daughter away so so so painful. But it was so much easier to get through that pain knowing who had her and why. I dont mean to go off on this "blog" but I just dont see how someone can be so ridiculous. bla.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

my buddy and me

I love playing with Larz around the house. He is such a nerd. He is constantly grabbing whatever I have and trying to copy me. He put my glasses on today and I almost peed my pants. He even puts my camera up to his eye even though he has no clue what he's doing.WE have a space under our front screen and he is always putting toys outside through it. And then he cries until I get them back for him. Ha. I just love him so much. He's my little pal.

Friday, April 18, 2008


We love you more than words can describe! HAppy 1st birthday to our angel!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Favorites Recently

These are just some of my pics that have made me happy lately. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our little man

Rob has his clippers out to shave his head and Larz was watching him. I came in and Rob took the clippers right up the back of our little boys beautiful long hair. He was cracking up while I was gasping in disbelief. He finished the job and I love it. Larz is now a little boy. And his hair is a lot lighter than we both thought! He is also taking his first steps on his own now. I just can't believe he is growing up so fast.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Trip

My 2 dear friends and I finally got to get out of this town for a couple of days. We drove up to Flagstaff for the night and then went to a beautiful place called Slide Rock near Sedona. We stayed at a Hostel in Flagstaff. I have never done that before. It was fun. There were all kinds of foreign people staying there. It was freezing to say the least. I went to target to try to buy some mittens and the employee laughed and said "no,for what? its summer time now". . Then I laughed and said "are you kidding me?". He wasn't. They had not a single pair of mittens. Anyways. We went up there last year when I was pregnant with Larz and one of the nights we went out we met this super old guy that was in love with all 3 of us. He wore me out from dancing so much. Well, we saw him again when we went out this time. ha ha. He is a riot! We drove through this amazing canyon in the morning. There were these giant yellow plants that were breathtaking! The trees were pink and purple. Slide rock was exactly what I needed. We climbed down the river a ways and just relaxed and talked. My friends were trying to get me to hold their hands in a circle for a healing ceremony. You just look at each other without talking. I told them to take a hike with that idea. :) I dont think so. ha ha. I climbed out to a rock that I swear was made just for me. It was shaped like a bowl. I laid inside of it for a while and just took everything in. The wind was blowing, the sun was shining, and the river was moving so beautifully around me. I found some peace. Much needed peace. My friend Amy took a picture of me while I was out there without me knowing. I think it is amazing. It will always remind me of this time in my life. It is amazing to me how much nature really helps me when I am having a tough time. It is my band-aid. All in all we had an amazing time. Sorry for all the pictures. :)