Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have had it with this age. I dont know how or why moms go through this 2 3 4 5 6 7 times. He is contantly saying no. Constantly disobeying me. constantly saying "mine". I cant sit for 2 seconds. I cant get any work done. I never have a clean house. I dont know how to use a drill gun or I would have solved alot of my problems with doors and cabinets. I have such a curious out of control michevious child. I am so tired after one day with him. Im never doing this again. Ever. but ....I love him. Sigh.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

annual girls trip

My dear friends (married couple/musicians/comedians) own a bunch of land up in alpine and built their own little cabin together. We go there every year. Well this year we had a heard of women with us. All strong. All beautiful. All unique. all Creative in every way. My best friend Julia just got her masters degree in psychology and found out right before the trip that she got a job in Washington as a professor to teach. We were all very proud of her and cried a lot. We just cried a lot period. I have THE MOST amazing women in my life. We love hard and play hard. Each one is so amazing and different. I laughed so hard I should have had a heart attack, I cried, I danced my heart out, I sang, I ate, I loved. I brought my play dresses and had some girls put them on and frolic around. it started raining in the aspens and I called for a dance break. I blasted some reggae music and all of us danced in the rain. I felt like a witch. ha ha. I loved every second of it. Every second. this is what friendship is supposed to feel like. period. You say what you feel. You love who you love and show them. You appreciate nature and the gifts we have around us. . . I was very happy.