Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome home!

My sister and her family have finally moved home! I am sad that I can't go up the Seattle again and have her there but we are all so happy to have them back. Technically, she and the kids are back so far. They flew in tonight and Jake is coming soon with his dad and all of their things. Its been a very very long time since all of us girls have lived in the same state all at once. I think like 10+ years or something crazy like that. Its feels nice to have my girls so close. My family went to the suprise her as she got off of the plane. I was scooting around everywhere on my sorry excuse for transportation. My sister Dara can't handle seeing me on it. She just laughs everytime I roll by. Anways. We love you guys and are SOO happy you are home.

Larz and Kylee are inseparable. He begs for her all day, all night, as soon as he wakes up, etc. Whenever they are together I get a break and so does my sister kind of. Anyways. They are best buddies. 

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Friday, June 19, 2009

So I'm pretty much the biggest moron in the world. I've been living in a handicapped world for the last 11 days. I went to Jerome for the afternoon to get some freash air and at the end of the day I decided to be an idiot. I was all happy and skipping around the town and I went up some stairs and thought.."hm, I'm going to slide down this rail and its going to be SO fun" I did. I caught way too much speed and went flying off the end like a bat out of hell. I landed on my right heel causing it to break. My heel bone shot up into my ankle bone. I sat down and held my ankle in pain. I didn't cry but I did know something was wrong. I got some help across the street from some stranger. the next day I went to see my brother in law (he's a chiropractor) and he did an xray. I couldn't get the best angle with his machine but he was able to see a little of what was going on. I had a partial dislocation as well so he popped that back into place. It really didn't hurt that bad. I went on the next few days, chasing larz around, doing my shoots, and just being crazy like usual. It still hurt really bad. So I finally went to the Urgent care and got another xray. this time I could get into the position that was needed and it showed that I had a broken heel. the following day I went to an actual foot dr and he wanted to give me a Cat Scan but due to the fact that I'm in between insurance's I couldn't afford that. he said that he would give me a temporary cast for 3 weeks but he really wants to see if I would need to surgically have it fixed since there are fragments of bone floating around in my foot. So here I am, with a two year old, wearing a giant cast, working and relying on my mother more than ever. ha ha. I hope I won't need surgery. I got this push cart thing this morning and its awesome. I can move really really fast. I'm still in a lot of pain but I'm just happy to be able to move around. I feel for those who have had foot/leg problems. Its very hard to do regular things and not be very very tired at the end of the day. I am still doing my shoots/weddings. I have to bring home the bacon for me and my man cub. Sigh.  

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Friday, June 12, 2009


We all got together for My parents anniversary over at their place. I love their house. The photos of the garden don't even jusitfy and thats only one of her many gardens. we had so much fun eating burgers and horsing around on the side yard. My parents are so in love...its great. It felt so nice to sit back there and feel the breeze and talk and laugh. I love my family.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My sweet baby boy. Sigh. He is in a sticker phase. Sometimes in the morning we'll go outside and chill together. Yesterday he was sticking his little stickers all over the lawn chair and his belly. He had a milk mustache and his little reptile skin from the rash remains. I just love my little butter ball. 

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my place

Here are a few shots from my new place. There is still so much I want to do with it. For one, paint everywhere, change out curtains, hang art, etc. But I am just so in love with it. It has so much character and it was meant for me. The kitchen light is awesome and I love when I do the dishes I can see out to my patio/garden. I love sitting on my long vintage couch and watching movies. And I love love love playing records. sigh. The record room will be a seperate room with big curtains hanging and open to distinguish the spaces. I'm going to get a vintage chandelir to hang and it will be awesome. These are the before photos and there is still so much house.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey all. I'm sorry I haven't had any cool posts lately. I'm so busy and up to my neck with editing, shoots, a two year old on crack, ha, and now a screwed up foot. I am limping around like a moron and wearing a boot and a cane. I slid down a stair railing and fell on my heel in a very very very bad way, causing one of my bones to slide up into my ankle, particially dislocating my foot. My brother in law is a chiropractor and he took some xrays. He tried to pop it back into place. Man oh man. I shouldn't act like a child like I do and slide down stair cases yelling "weeeee". I need to grow up. ha ha. Larz is doing really well. He and I took a nap together today and it was beautiful. It was our first nap together since he was a baby baby. I changed a poopy diaper today and when I pulled up his pants he said "thanks mamma" and put his arms around me. I had a nice chuckle over that. I'll pay someone to potty train him. I'm terrified of bringing that into my life too. HOpefully he taked to it well. I'm going to start in a couple of weeks. He is still dealing with his rash, poor guy. He is talking so much. I just love his little soul.

I am hoping to be back to normal within the next few weeks. Its like the worst timing for this to happen. I'm a moron. I'll start posting cooler things soon. peace.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow. I wish I could wake up to a suprise like this every morning. How did he know that broken eggs all over my furniture and carpet is my favorite thing? Sigh.

Monday, June 1, 2009

life is grand. sike.

I had a long wedding yesterday but it was cool. The bride took my breath away constantly with her long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was so ridiculously beautiful. Her brides maids were all straight from the pages of a fairy tail story. I showed up with my pencil skirt barely hiding my bruise covered legs, my flat chest and my armpits already sweating. Hi, I'm professional, nice to meet you.

Seriously. I have the most insane life. Larz is covered in a rash again with no doctor to give him a cure . . He looks like hell and is constantly itching himself all over. I like watching him itch himself. Its funny but sad at the same time. I just got home from going to the doctor and I get here and figure out that I'm locked out. The key isn't the same as all of the others on the bottom of our back doors. So here I am in the heat, with a bright red splotchy little two year old throwing dirt at me and trying to see how wet he can get me with the hose. sigh. I told him to crawl through the doggy door and he did and the little genius opened the door right up. Thats right, he's a genius. He was up pretty much all night crying and itching and making me sleep in his bed. I would try to creep away but then 20 minutes later I would have little hands on my shirt pulling and saying "come on mamma". I hated the sun this morning.

By now all of my clients hate me because their photos are all late. But hey, I'm only one person with one finger to edit with. If only I had a I ask myself everyday why I'm even trying to be responsible when clearly I can't handle the heat. It is what it is and I'm not your typical "business woman". I'm real and I have a really crazy life and I'm doing the best I can.End of story.