Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome home!

My sister and her family have finally moved home! I am sad that I can't go up the Seattle again and have her there but we are all so happy to have them back. Technically, she and the kids are back so far. They flew in tonight and Jake is coming soon with his dad and all of their things. Its been a very very long time since all of us girls have lived in the same state all at once. I think like 10+ years or something crazy like that. Its feels nice to have my girls so close. My family went to the suprise her as she got off of the plane. I was scooting around everywhere on my sorry excuse for transportation. My sister Dara can't handle seeing me on it. She just laughs everytime I roll by. Anways. We love you guys and are SOO happy you are home.


Summers Family said...

How Exciting! I can hear Dara laughing at you! You all are too Cute!

Craig and Elaine Burdett Family said...

You get your sister back and I lose mine. I am glad she is back.

Tifani said...

Thanks so much for being at the airport when I arrived. I had so much fun being welcomed home by everyone! I love you!