Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Monday, April 27, 2009


I love it when I shoot weddings and I get all mushy. Thats rare because I'm bitter but in this case, I was a cry baby. I didn't even know the family or even the bride and groom for longer than 6 months or so. But man I was a baby. Love was in the air so thick that I almost choked. In a good way. :) What a fun wedding. heres a sneak peek. More to come so check my photography blog sometime.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Helmet Head

I was cleaning out my car, getting ready to bring it to the car wash and larz was playing around in my passanger seat. All of the sudden he jumps up really high, toward my windshield. This is the result. He's fine but now he has the name helmet head. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Monday, April 20, 2009

day with larzy

I had two weddings over the weekend so I couldn't do anything with Larz on his birthday. So Sunday I took him to Schnepp Farms to ride the train and stuff. My good friend Becky and her son Trey came along. It was so freakin hot out there and I felt bad for him and his little red face. He loved the train and especially the animals. He tried to put his hat on the donkey and he was yelling at the flies to shoo. He's such a beautiful little soul. There waz this amazing field of flowers. What I would do for a field of flowers in my backyard. Sigh. It was funny because my dress was exactly the colors of the flowers. Love you larz!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two and Terrific

My dear Larz, Happy birthday to you my beautiful little trouble maker. Love you bright eyes, forever and ever.

Monday, April 13, 2009

much needed

I have been going crazy without some form of nature in my life the past week. I am all of the time but it was so bad when I got home from vegas. Yesterday while dropping larz off at Robs I saw my best friend laying under a tree near my house. She rides her bike everywhere and jams out so I wasn't suprised. I went and layed next to her and sun bathed for a bit while enjoying some much needed conversation. I missed her. . Then I said "lets go! Lets get out of here!" So we did. We drove up to the river with the flute and guitar and our swimsuits. Oh it was awesome. I layed in the sun next to the beautiful river by side. We didn't bring our cameras so we used her little camera phone. I love that girl. I needed that so bad.

Friday, April 10, 2009

daydreaming part one

Floating on my back in the river. Looking up to the sun for answers but only getting heat that is no match for the heat of my soul. Closing my eyes and hearing the rushing water underneath my body and wishing it would take the negative feelings away with it. They're heavy and bitter. They are pulling me under. I can't stop the weight from grounding me at the bottom. Sitting there contemplating. Somehow I can breath. Amazing. My hair is swirling around my face reassuring me that everything is beautiful and calm right at this moment. But the bad feelings are still lingering around me. They are hiding in the dark corners and under the rocks that line the river floor. Leave me alone. Coming up to the surface and standing on solid ground. I'm dry. Amazing. The wind sings its sweet nothings through my hair and I'm reassured again of the beauty around me. Taking a walk to find peace. Its such a game of hide and seek. We've been playing it for years. Its hiding in the tall grass where my little ones are playing. Chasing each other through thick sheets of laughter. There you are peace. I found you. Joining in the game of chase I feel the weight coming on. The dark clouds roll in and the weight is where they get their color. Grabbing their little hands and running. I love little hands. Hiding in a giant tree for shelter. The darkness wont find me there. Silent moments with 2 angels. wide eyed and beautiful. The storm passes. The sun breaks through. . .

Monday, April 6, 2009


I got home last night from Vegas. I went with my friend heather and some of her long time friends. They are all mothers of 3 and wives. But let me tell you, they know how to have a good time. I had so much fun with them. Vegas isn't my favorite place on the world. I would much rather be sitting in the middle of a forest barefoot, but there comes a time when it feels good to dance my heart out and put some heels on. Actually, I take that back. I hate high heels so much. My feet look like they were munched on by a hungry camel. I wore some really cute red ones and like 30 minutes later I thought I was going to die. I changed them and then felt better. How do girls wear those things? ha. Clearly suicidal. Anyways. It was freezing there with 40mph winds so we spent most of our time inside or in taxi's. Being in casinos for too long makes me head pound and my eyes red from all of the smoke. But going outside was like being in a blizzard. I wanted to lay out and accidentally run into jonny dep or Leo and the rest is history!ha The last time I was in Vegas I was getting purposed to and so giddy. It was hard for me to go back. I did the best I could to ignore certain spots but it was hard. bla bla. And by the last day I couldn't even think about Larz without getting a knot in my stomach and tears in my eyes. The girls and I had a really good time. I laughed so much. I forgot I was with mothers for a while. Thanks girls, you're crazy and I love you. You really get a feel for the worldly things when you're there. The money, the clothes, the vip ropes that decide your importance, everything. Its so ridiculous. I was going up the escalator and the young girl in front of me was wearing this tiny little dress and one of her butt cheeks was hanging out. I said "excuse me hun, you're dress is up" thinking she maybe stepped out of the bathroom and didn't know. She turned around with her attitude coming at me like a hurricane and said "It's supposed to be like that....B*****" haha I laughed and apologized for trying to help. Poor girl. I wish I was that classy and I especially wish I could get the guy she's going to get with that dress code and attitude. we have a winner here folks! ding ding ding. Idiot. I'm happy I'm home. I'm happy I have friends who like to have a good time and have children. Lord knows we need it every now and then. I'm happy I have Larz and man oh man he is so perfect it makes me nauseous. I'm happy I dont like high heels and more importantly that my feet won't allow those things on them. Thanks feet.