Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our little warrior.

Our poor Larz. He got this strange rash almost 2 weeks ago. Now it is everywhere!!! I took him to Urgent care. The Dr said it was a viral rash that he got from someone's bacteria that was sick. She also said to just let it go away, which is usually within a week. mmhmm. Right. Its still here and I swear its gotten worse. I thought it was an allergic reaction but I guess I was wrong. And to top it off, he is VERY clumsy. (Like his mother) He was playing with our silk tree and it fell on top of his head, causing a cut. Then tonight he slipped and fell into the side table and sliced his eyebrow open. But he is still all smiles. I just love him to much! I wish I could have his attitude sometimes. We've been calling him our disease.:)Between the squash baby food all over his face, his rash, and the cuts.....he's just a mess.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Im so sorry for being m.i.a. lately. Rob was out of town for 4 days in New Orleans. He went to see 311 play. He said he had fun but would never take me there. He said it was sad and dirty. Its so terrible thinking about what those people actually went through.In the pictures the whole street is vacant. All of the houses are empty and ruined. He said there was so much damage. He is home now thank goodness. I missed him terribly! Other than that Im doing well. Im still sick everyday but I'm dealing with it. What else am I going to do eh? I have an appt next week to see if they are sharing the same placenta. Hopefully they have their own so they can both get equal nutrition.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome Back Cubs!

Spring training has begun! Larz wore his cubs jersey and little baseball hat. He was so much fun this time! The last game we took him to was at chase field and he screamed the whole time. This time he clapped when everybody clapped and just hung out with us on the blanket and ate his snacks. Rob went for a walk with him and came back with a cubs hat for me. I dont have any cubs apparel. Shame on me. :) It was so much fun. And it was probably the most beautiful day yet in 08!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

what if..

What if this is the outcome of my pregnancy? I have anxiety attacks at night with visions like this. I am lucky and thankful to be blessed with such a task but I often wonder why I was chosen to do this. I'm weird and impatient. Well, Ill just keep my fingers crossed that this isn't me this summer. sigh