Saturday, July 18, 2009


Larz fractured his wrist the other day. So now we are gimpy together. ha. He gets a cast next week and you better believe its going to be green like his mommys. He is constantly running into walls, falling, etc. He is a pure clutz, like his mom. I dont know if Rob was clutzy when he was little but I'm sure that I was from the stories. He's bound to be a speed demon and a clutz between rob and I. Great. ha. I will post some pictures next week after he gets his cast.

and in the mean time.....i love my roommate. ..this is a regular day with us...and here is how I've been getting around.


Tifani said...

Are you serious?!! Oh my gosh, Poor Larz and poor you. You and him could stand on the corner with a sign and get some serious begging money.

Burdett Family said...

that's so sad, poor guy. those pictures are halarious.

Scott and Melissa said...

Oh my gosh .. I love you guys.. you crack me up!! When's the next girls night?

Elizabeth said...

I have been sitting here reading your blog the past while. I am inspired by your courage to stand up, pick up the pieces, and try for forward the best you know how. I also really love and admire your honestly.

I'm sending a lot of healing wishes your way.

Elizabeth said...

Okay, so I meant to say that I admire your HONESTY.

HONESTLY, I do. ;)